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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an essential factor in enhancing not only the appearance of your trees, but their overall safety. Trees that are planted near homes and buildings eventually become threatening with their extending branches that could potentially fall into your property. This is where tree trimming comes in. It can instantly transform your tree to a more beautiful one. It also avoids scenarios where in your homeowner’s insurance policy gets void because the tree branches touch your roof or any part of your house.

At Alter Tree Service, tree trimming is another thing we very well. We are skilled and professional in trimming trees of every kind and species. We follow a systematic guideline in trimming every tree. We work with utmost care avoiding damaging trees by not cutting limbs that are near the trunk. However, over-trimming a tree also puts it at risk of disease and makes it look rather unnatural. It is critical in

Tree Trimming Clarksville

We strictly follow the guidelines set by the Arbor Day Foundation. We utilize an organized procedure to make sure that the tree’s limbs and branches are not trimmed too close to the main trunk. You can be confident that we will not over trim your tree; rather we will keep the natural shape of your tree to maintain its healthy-looking appearance. We also ensure that we will not do any harm to your landscape while trimming your trees.

We will begin the process of tree trimming by doing an on-site visit to estimate the necessary things to consider before starting the job. During the visit, we can schedule the time and day for us to do the trimming and other tasks you would like us to accomplish. We approach the trimming process with discipline and we take into importance the safety of your property. Regardless of the equipment we will use, safety is our top priority.  We employ the same process when it comes to ensuring safety and tidying-up of tree debris. After the process, we will leave your property as we found it.

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