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Our most popular service is tree removal. It can also be safe to say that it is the largest and most complex service that we do. The truth is, removing trees is not that difficult. However, it requires the right skill and ample experience to perform it well and safely. Alter Tree Service is not new in the business of removing trees. We are proud to say that we have removed all types and sizes of trees. The process of tree removal begins when we go to your home or business to evaluate the tree and the area. This assessment is free of charge and will not oblige you of anything. We will note the type of tree, its size, nearby structures, and all necessary points of access, to make sure that we can remove the tree without damaging any nearby property structures. Take a locus tree, with its multiple trunks and an oak tree, these two trees demand two different methods. Additionally, we will also ask you during our assessment if you have any additional requests or instructions for removal. We can remove or stack the woods for you if you please. We will give you the estimate on the spot and let you think about the time and date for us to complete the job. We are 100% positive that you will be nothing but impressed with how well and meticulous we do the job. We will gain your trust and this will set us apart from the rest of our competitors.

Tree Removal Clarksville

On the day of the set schedule for the tree removal, one of our customer service representatives will give you a call to confirm the time our team will be at your location. Also, please know that we provide our clients with a two-hour window. We may arrive ahead of the schedule or a bit late because we want to ensure our last client is pleased with our service.

Our foreman assigns his crew with specific tasks to begin the process of tree removal. The team consists of the chipper, ground crew, branch cutters, and the lead tree cutter. Someone will also take care of the cleaning-up of the area while the work is going on. The actual tree cutting will start with the systematic trimming of the tree’s limbs. Whether it be using heavy equipment or manually climbing a harness, we always remove trees from top down. While we are in it, we keep the site free of debris. We will remove the tree branch by branch until we are left with the main trunk. Depending on the species of the tree will be the main portion of the trunk, which will be left to cut into manageable sections for removal. The process ends with the biggest trunk cut off, leaving a short stump.

Our clients have an option to remove the stump, or to leave it as that and use it as a decorative planter instead. When we are done with the removal of your tree, you will never see a trace that a tree was removed.  Please call us for all your tree removal needs.

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