If you haven’t visited Clarksville or you haven’t been in the area for a while, it’s time to schedule a visit soon. Clarksville is a charming city that offers the amenities you expect as well as the things you don’t. It is located in a perfect spot that gives its visitors a wide selection of activities and amenities to choose from.

You can expect an action-packed weekend in Clarksville, TN. With a mix of culture and f delectable food, Clarksville is bound to satisfy every traveler. The city is a good combination of hustle and relaxation.

Here are some of the things you can explore in Clarksville this weekend:

  1. Learn about the city’s history

Head to the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center and explore Clarksville’s history. The museum is the second largest museum in Tennessee with its 35,000-square ft of exhibits.

It was originally a post office that was established in 1898. Because of its beautiful structure, the building is one of the most photographed establishments in the city.

The museum features a wide selection of galleries within the area as well as a sculpture garden. Some of the featured exhibits include the Becoming Clarksville, where you can learn about the history of the city and the Explorers’ Gallery, where you can enjoy a kid-sized grocery store.

  1. Wander along the Riverfront

Walk along the McGregor Park Riverwalk that features picnic areas and a boat ramp to the Cumberland River.

The park closes at midnight so you can start your stroll late. You can expect your stroll to be relaxing and quiet because the area is free from any noisy audio. You can’t go fishing or swimming in the river because it’s strictly for strolling and boating.

  1. You can also explore the woods

If you don’t want to go to tiring activities such as hiking, you can head to Clarksville Greenway for a nice quiet walk.

The trails are perfect for hiking, running, and easy hiking. While Greenway is a large area, you don’t have to rush yourself to explore the park. Unfortunately, Clarksville Greenway is a flood-prone area, which is why it is advised to leave in case the rain starts pouring.

  1. Go Underground

Dunbar Cave State Park is one of the largest caves in the county, only a few miles away from downtown Clarksville.

The vast expanse is used for different events, including concerts and shows. You can witness the cave’s historic significance exhibited in the entire area. You can also see ancient cave drawings that are believed to be part of religious activities.

Be sure to come with your jacket as it can be cold in the cave with 58 degrees temperature.

  1. Travel through time

Historic Collinsville becomes alive every summer. It features 18 restored log homes as well as other infrastructure that was established in 1830. If you wander through the setup, you will find real artifacts from different periods.

Every building was made with careful thought to look as real as possible. Visitors will be both educated and entertained in the area. You can also get a glimpse of how life in Tennessee was during the time of the Civil War.

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