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Stump Grinding and Removal

Alter Tree Service removes stumps in two ways: grinding and physical extraction. In physically removing, you eliminate the stump and its main root system using a backhoe.  However, this could significantly damage the lawn area. The second way is grinding. With this process, we literally grind the stump to the ground until it’s no longer visible. Using the right equipment, grinding a stump is not at all difficult, but could still cause damage to the surrounding area.

Ninety-five percent of our clients go to stump grinding when they wish to get rid of the appearance of a stump. With our Veneer or Morbark stump grinders, these stumps will be as good as gone. The damage left in your landscape is minimal to none. We will leave your area flawless and ready for planting grass or other landscape plantings.

Stumps differ in their difficulty to grind. The hardest stumps to grind are newer hardwoods. While older conifers, like Pines and Cedars, are the easiest. Age also matters in stump grinding; but, no matter what the age or species of the tree is, Alter Tree Service Clarksville can remove it with no trouble. With our premier grinders, stump removal is an easy process. Even if the roots run deep or shallow, we can easily grind them as if they never existed.

We follow a process when grinding a tree stump. First, we will clear the stump area using hand tools such as rakes and shovels. We will free the area of loose rock, dirt, and wood to make sure the area is clean before grinding. Then, we will use a chainsaw to trim the trunk of the tree down to the ground, if stump isn’t cut close to the ground yet. Doing this will reduce the amount of wood material to be grinded, hence saving you time and money. After that, we will move the stump grinder over the stump to begin the grinding process. This will continue until the stump is ground three to six inches below the ground. Finally, once the grinding is done, we will get rid of the wood chips. We can pile them for you wherever you please, or we can take them with us to be recycled.

The whole process takes 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how small or big the stump is. We have multi-stump discounts to help you save money when you need us to grind multiple stumps. We are a professional, efficient, and affordable service for all you your stump grinding needs.   Please call us for a free tree stump grinding estimate.

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