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Storm damage could be one of the most critical situations we encounter as tree professionals. During a storm, a once beautiful tree can become life-threatening and damaging its surrounding area. Fallen limbs, split trees, and downed power lines can be dangerous situations. In times like this, Alter Tree Service Clarksville is available to provide urgent help to property owners. We take pride in being the tree service that Clarksville residents go to during emergency situations. We are there to help businesses and homeowners when things like this happen. We are often, if not always, the first to arrive to clear the way for other authorities like the police, fire fighters, and even medical personnel.

It is said that prevention is better than cure, so let us help you prevent possible danger by letting us inspect the trees near your home or other properties before a storm hits. By doing this, we may prevent trees from damaging property, or worse, become life threatening. In most cases, trees extending over roofs and power lines are major causes for damage during storm winds or ice storms. Let us trim your trees to eliminate any potential dangers.

Emergency Storm Tree Damage Response

If, unfortunately you are affected by tree storm damage in the Clarksville area, give us a call. Our service is available for you around the clock, seven days a week. We will be more than pleased to provide you with our quick and affordable clean-up services. Leave the large-scale jobs to the professionals, especially in an emergency situation because downed power lines can put you and your property in harm.

Once you call us, we will promptly utilize our storm damage response protocol:

  • One of our senior service professionals will come to your home or business to assess the storm or ice damage; form there, we will begin the estimate process. We will take note of what equipment will best do the job.
  • We will give you an onsite verbal estimate for the cost of work to be done. If you agree to it, one of our crew members will provide you with the quote via email. This usually takes less than 2 hours.
  • We will then mobilize one of our tree service crew to start cleaning up in your property.
  • We will identify and eliminate all hazardous situations that have arisen from fallen limbs, uprooted or split trees.
  • Once the area is safe, we will begin the clean-up process by removing all tree debris. We will clean the impacted area so no trace of tree damage can be seen.

    When you have dangerous and trying situation like these, don’t just call any tree service company. Call only professionals who can safely and efficiently clear away all tree-storm damage in your property- that’s us, Alter Tree Service. You are financially and legally protected because we are licensed and insured.

    Emergency tree storm is something only highly skilled professionals should do, so leave it to us.  You can be assured with Alter Tree Service we are the best tree care service during these challenging situations.

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