Clarksville offers all the amenities you look for, and even the ones that will surprise you. This historic city is perfectly located in an area where both visitors and locals can enjoy majestic views and the gorgeous sight of the Cumberland River. Aside from nature, a lot is going on in Clarksville’s culture and dining scene. If you haven’t been to Clarksville lately, it’s time to block your weekend and explore this incredible historic city.

Learn about the City’s History

The best way to learn about the origin of Clarksville is by heading to the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center, which is second in the list of general museums in Tennessee. The building was established in 1988 as a post office. Because of its beauty, the center is one of the most photographed buildings in town. There are several exhibits in the museum, including the Becoming Clarksville, Explorer’s Gallery, and the original Postmaster’s Office.

Enjoy the View of the Riverfront

The beautiful McGregor Park Riverwalk is one mile of trails, a boat ramp into the Cumberland River, and several picnic areas. It also features the As the River Flows Museum. It closes late at night, and you don’t have to worry about loud noises or skateboards because there is a strict rule about them in the area.

Wander in the Woods

If you’ve been to the Riverfront, but you still want to go for a walk, you can head to the Clarksville Greenway and have a hike in their nicely kept park. The trails are ideal for not-so-strenuous-hikes, biking, and running. You can enjoy the calming view of the forest while in the city. While the area is large, you don’t have to rush yourself while exploring.

Play Golf

If you want to play golf, but you don’t want to be out in the hot weather, you should head to D&D Mini Golf. It is an indoor mini-golf attraction that is popular among families. You will be given 3D glasses, so you can fully enjoy the unique environment inside. You should keep your eyes opened for elves, gnomes, and unicorns because the theme in the area is Fantasy Forest.

Re-enact the Civil War

When in Clarksville, you should never miss the chance to visit the Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretive Center and find out about the history that lies in its walls. The site was first settled by Native Americans, which eventually became a trading post. The Center hosts exhibits about the events that transpired on the site.

Watch a Show

The Roxy Regional Theater is known among residents of Clarksville because it hosts live shows and cultural experiences. You can watch popular live shows such as the Hedwig & The Angry Inch in this historic theater. You can also catch a concert of Celtic folk music when they are on schedule. Learn about the theater’s variety of shows in their calendar. With the wide selection of performances they have in store, you will surely find something that ignites your interest.

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